Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mido Beilunsaili Series World Time Watch

Mido revolutionary masterpiece Beilunsaili Series World Time watch, as frequently from business people around the world to provide true global 24 time zone. It is not only powerful and elegant aesthetic concern, but also made pioneering work in design, branding the first time in Beijing Pinyin initials "BEI" as the representative of Eastern Timezone 8, rather than on the international market before the usual "HKG", not only embodies the brand for the China market, but also to improve China's international status symbol, but also to bring the Chinese people an extra sense of intimacy. In the case back carefully engraved with the initials of each city notes between the lines with a full elegant, but full of the watchmaker to the wearer's meticulous concern. No matter in what corner of the world, it will be the reliable friend of the wearer, silently guarding the left and right.

Since its inception in 1918, Swiss Mido has been adhering to the watchmaking craftsmanship, leading edge design, control of changing the times. Classic and elegant style, simple design, the Swiss watchmakers created to give excellent quality and elegant appearance of the watch, meet people wear their life vision. Three years time goes by, Beilunsaili series with its elegant atmosphere of classic elegance, the interpretation of Mido watches brand motto - a mark of true design "inspired by the eternal witness." It is the timeless classic shape, simple design lines, high-quality watchmaking brand to become the force gathered in a number of Swiss town of Locke a shining pearl.

Beilunsaili watch elegant design inspired by the elegant curve of the winding violin, disdain for the fashion trend in the rush dies. Case shape with a soft curved lines and smooth sheet lined ears, the perfect interpretation of the classic violin shape, mapping out the elegant, harmonious, unified style. Silver pointer and black dial decorated with letters, like the deep night sky, the time to draw a beautiful arc, easy control of the time, so space is no longer distant, simple modern design and low-key highlight the superior taste.
Mido Beilunsaili has a world time watch, can in the hands of time between the panoramic view of the world, it is one worth pondering appreciation of art is the aesthetic taste of the wearer with wisdom the best endorsement .

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